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Let's Talk About Web Performance

Why performance matters?

Web performance is the objective measurement and perceived user experience of a web site or mobile application. In an ideal word you would want your users to interact meaningfully with your website. If it's a blog, you'd like them to read posts. If it's an online store, you want them to buy stuff. If it's a social network, you want them to interact with each other.

Performance plays a major role in the success of any online venture.

Slow, bloated pages are bad for business:

  • The larger the page download, the slower the user experience, and the less likely that person will consider making a purchase or returning.

  • 55% of visitors use a mobile device. These have more limited capabilities and may be connected to a slower network, which exacerbates the problem. (

  • Google’s page speed algorithms downgrade slower sites, which harms search engine optimisation efforts.

  • More data results in higher hosting, storage, and bandwidth costs.

  • The larger your codebase, the longer it takes to update and maintain.

At Purple Luna regarding web performance we take the following steps in order to improve your web performance:

  • Creating a test plan

  • Site auditing

  • Identifying performance bottlenecks

  • Taking technical actions to fix issues

Do not delay your web performance get in contact now to get a FREE web performance audit.

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